Adventure menu – Rindergulasch mit Kartoffeln (selbstkochend in 12 Min.)


A well-made classic never gets old! This is a hearty goulash made from the meat of free range bulls. For the sauce we chose the delicious ratio of two parts onions and one part beef stock. And to make the whole thing thick and delicious we use gluten-free flour and season the whole thing with dried red pepper. With a side dish of boiled potato wedges, this is the perfect treat after a long and hard day.

Potatoes (36%), beef front (30%), onion, rice flour, corn flour, rapeseed oil, tomato puree (water, tomatoe puree, salt), sugar, garlic, salt, pepper.

wir empfehlen: Adventure menu – zipper bag (in diesem Bag wird das Gericht gekocht) Adventure menu – selbstkochende Kapsel (Kalk mit Wasser erwärmt das Gericht)


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