Adventure menu – Wilshuhnerfleisch mit Reis (selbstkochend in 12 Min.)


Because of the perfectly balanced taste and its nutritional values, this is probably our most favorite dish! Bits of steamed chicken drum sticks in a creamy sauce made of onion, bacon, and tomato puree. With a side of whole grain rice, this meal is extremely rich in vitamins and fibre. This light dish will fill your stomach completely, whether you are a top athlete or a tourist.

chicken thigh meat (30%), brown rice (12%), onions, bacon, cheese milk, rice flour, tomato puree (tomatoes, salt, sugar), sunflower oil, salt, paprika and pepper.

wir empfehlen: Adventure menu – zipper bag (in diesem Bag wird das Gericht gekocht) Adventure menu – selbstkochende Kapsel (Kalk mit Wasser erwärmt das Gericht)


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