insect net for sliding window
storage space
shower cabin
portable toilet
blackout cabin
small accessories


insect nets , sun roofs
side screens
tent on the back hinged trunk lid
spring distance kit
Foil B- Column , edition foil
mask a logos


grills and accessories
showers, toilets
LED light with motion sensor
solar bags, blankets, towels
meals for all outdoor activities, camping accessories

About us

Are you VANLIFE enthusiasts? Do you like travelling and camping free? Anywhere and anytime?

We enjoy VANLIFE in every season of the year, at the sea in summer, in the mountains, behind the Arctic Circle in winter. We are independent and self-reliant. And we want to be.
We obviously need a lot of necessary things and equipment for that, and we need to pack them all in a Bulli, where the space must be used most economically. In the course of time, we have worked out which accessories work, are good-class and reliable. That facilitates trouble-free travelling.

The equipment tested by us had to stand weather effects, harsh conditions, and even children´s curiosity.
What we consider most important is equipment that is always readily available, designed for quick and easy handling.
Outside civilized land, far from home, we really appreciated functionality and quality of equipment saving our time for rest when we stopped on our way.

That is why the next step was more than logical: to offer all that to you and continue to do what makes us happy. To discover not only unknown corners of Europe, but also further equipment and accessories for our e-shop offering a portfolio of accessories not only for Volkswagen California minibuses or Multivan versions T5, T6 and T6.1.
We have carefully tested this “Not only VW Bulli camper” equipment offered here and have been using it ourselves and are prepared to present it to you in our minivan.

Most of the products are made in Germany and all the selected German manufacturers have been personally visited by us with a tour around their manufacturing plants. Of course, we too work on in-house manufacture and improvements of certain pieces of the equipment. We will greatly appreciate your feedback. Your feedback will contribute to our product portfolio improvements and continuous increasing of the pleasure of travelling.


Okenní cestovní kufry VW T5/T6 a T6.1- krátký rozvor

Window travel cases

VW T5/T6 a T6.1 – short wheelbase

  • 1 pair of travel bags located in the rear side windows
  • insulate and darken your interior at the same time
  • extra pocket for mobile phone, glasses and key loop
  • handles for carrying suitcases, you have the option of packing things right at home
  • easy and fast installation in windows
  • volume: 47l / 1 bag
  • max. Load: 20kg / 1 bag
  • quality original invented and patented by the German company Vanessa, manufactured by Vaude
  • Reinforced back ensures stability, strength and shape stability
  • odour neutral
  • Possibility to order only one suitcase for the California Ocean, Coast version – on request
  • for the Transporter version without plastic coating of the windows and the 3rd row of seats, there is an extra charge for the extension 690,00 CZK
 síť proti hmyzu do bočních posuvných dveří VW T5/T6 a T6.1 je vyrobena z jemné sítě a chrání i proti drobnému bodavému hmyzu. Po obvodě sitě jsou v látce všity magnety které slouží k rychlému přichycení a zároveň chrání lak karosérie. Síť je rozdělena ve 2/3 zipem, který má rovněž po jeho obvodu obou stran všité magnety pro rychlý vstup a výstup do/z vozidla.

Insect net

side sliding door


Insect net for side sliding doors VW T5 / T6 and T6.1 is made of fine net and protects even against small stinging insects. Magnets are sewn into the fabric around the perimeter of the net, which serve for quick attachment and at the same time protect the body paint. The net is divided into 2/3 by a zipper, which also has magnets sewn around its perimeter on both sides for quick entry and exit to / from the vehicle.
The net can remain attached even when the door is closed.

Síť proti hmyzu do posuvného okénka


reddot award winner

    Just 3.3 kg and the flat bag makes it a breeze for you to carry.
    High-quality stainless-steel and first-class workmanship ensure an almost unlimited lifespan. And it’s cool to boot: each component can be purchased separately in our shop.
    Rely on our innovative technology, ingenious details, and precision workmanship.
    Grilling, roasting, boiling, baking, steaming – a wide variety of ingenious accessories transforms your Skotti into a multi-kitchen.
    SKOTTI has 2.5 KW under its bonnet and grills like one of the big boys.
    SKOTTI increases your coolness factor to the max – and your sausages will impress!
  • GAS
    This is what it was intended for:
    Just plug in a gas cartridge,
    turn it up, light it up and start grilling.
    his works great as well:
    Use Skotti as a charcoal grill without a burner pipe or radiation plate.
  • WOOD
    Do as you have always done. Go collect some wood and make a small fire to start grilling.

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