Solar bag 180W (3x60W), ETFE surface, . Complete with charge controller

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  • lightweight, transferable, quickly unpacked, easy to use
  • with MPPT Regularor Victron Energy 75/15 and Bluetooth connection via an APP VictronConnect
  • 5 meter long cable to park in the shade and you can leave the solar panels in the sun
  • Suction knobs so that you can attach the solar modules to/behind the window, roof or caravan
  • Connection to the 12V socket or directly to the battery
  • with ETFE coating against contamination
  • up to 25% greater utilization of solar energy than with ordinary solar modules

Cell efficiency: 23.36 %
• Max power: 180 W
• Open circuit voltage: 24 V
• MPP Current: 9 A
• Weight: 7.8 kg
• Size folded: 37.5x 62.5x 4.5 cm
• Size unfolded: 154.5x 82x 1.5 cm
• Cell technology: Sunpower Maxeon Gen. III
• Quality class: Ultra High Performance
• Monocrystalline cells
• In addition, the decrease in performance is due to a full-surface copper layer on the back and i.e. that our entire module remains
in function in the event of damage to individual cells • Technical data specified at StC (standard test conditions) with 25°C ambient temperature, 1000 W/m2 irradiance and an AM factor of 1.5.

Scope of delivery:
Solar bag tiny tiger180W
1 x 5 m long connection cable for connecting the solar bag to the controller cable
2 cables for connection to the solar controller (1x controller solar bag, 1x controller battery connection cable)
1x connection cable with battery pole terminals
1 x connection cable for cigarette lighter
1 x Victron MPPT 75/15 charge controller
4 x suction cup 60 mm with knurled screw
2 x suction cup 60 mm with goliath hook


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